Welcome to "Alcohol and You", as service from Middlebury College's Office of Health and Wellness Education. Before we get started, here's some information:

Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to share them. It's quite common for questions to develop as people interact with the program. Members of the Health and Wellness Education team are happy to meet to help interpret your score and the feedback this platform provides. Otherwise, your answers are completely anonymous and your individual score will not be reported to anyone. If you would like to meet with someone in person (or virtually), consider setting up a meeting with Kevin Kareckas, Middlebury's alcohol and other drug education specialist. His email is kkareckas@middlebury.edu.

This resource can help you identify if you are experiencing negative consequences because of your alcohol use. Based on your responses, you will receive non-judgmental feedback encouraging you to think about choices that may increase the risk of harmful consequences. It can also provide tips to keep yourself and your friends safe in the future. At the conclusion, the interface will provide information about useful campus and community resources.

Please complete the following questions to gain a better understanding about your level of risk for experiencing problems from the misuse of alcohol.

Whatever you decide to do with the information provided during this activity is ultimately your choice.

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